Meet The Metropolitan Real Estate Group

We would like to take this opportunity to thank you for choosing The Metropolitan Group to assist you in your quest for a home purchase. We know from experience that it can be an overwhelming process, after all it will most likely be the largest purchase of your life thus far. We look forward to working with you in this endeavor, and hopefully you will come out of it with not only a place to call home, but with a deeper understanding of the real estate transaction.

We began this company in 2009 in response to customer dissatisfaction with their Realtors. As Realtors and members of the community, our goal was to change the mindset of the customer by providing up to date, pertinent tools and information. We believe by empowering you, you can feel confident about your purchase for years to come. We are constantly improving our service, and we would appreciate any feedback you can give us during the course of the process that will make our business better.

What makes us different?

Our Team - For the love of Denver

The Metropolitan Group was established to help bring out the best of Denver. With beautiful, intimate lost neighborhoods and sophisticated, uptown districts sprinkled throughout metro Denver, there are hundreds of places for our clients to either get lost or be seen from Washington Park, to Highlands, City Park to Cherry Creek.

If you want to find yourself enjoying the best of downtown Denver’s quaint neighborhoods or up-and-coming areas, talk to us. Help us learn who you are and what you aspire to be, and we’ll help you find a place to live that welcomes that person.

You know that a new home is more than a place to live. It’s a place to grow. It’s a place to feel comfortable. It’s a place to celebrate your successes. Most of all, your new home should be a place that allows you to be a part of what you love the most about life.

At the Metropolitan Group, we feel our most important role is acting as an advocate for Denver, showing our clients the little gems hidden within the Mile High City, or uncovering the real beauty that gets lost in the hustle of everyday living.

Our Take - Let’s find your lifestyle

We know our clients are smart and savvy. We know that they can use a variety of available resources to gain volumes of information about real estate trends, current housing prices, market activity, and hundreds of listed properties. It’s all out there.

But at the Metropolitan Group, we provide something our clients cannot get from the Internet. We offer an intimate look at our soulful city. Our home is Denver – it is where we work and play. And, our daily experiences have led us to discover places not easily detected by the untrained eye.

You are the person who wants more than a house. You want to find a home that suits your lifestyle. You want the perfect balance between work and play. Together, we can uncover a Denver oasis that will be your perfect lifestyle match.

Our Type - It’s you we serve

Is the allure of Metro Denver calling you? Have you been experiencing the wonders of this amazing city and are now sure that this will be where you call home next?

Maybe you currently rent a low-maintenance loft in the heart of downtown but need a bit more space and a quieter place to get lost. Or, maybe it was your promotion and relocation that landed you in Denver but your old-school neighborhood still calls out to you. Or, it could be that you are just looking for a great investment.

All of our clients have different stories and different needs, but the common thread is a longing to be part of the urban community – whether it’s the heart of downtown or the canopied streets of old town Denver. We can show you the quiet, the hip, the sophisticated, the traditional, the edgy, the collegiate, or the undiscovered places in Denver.

With different stories and different needs, our clients do share one thing: a deficiency in time. We know you have unique needs and wants, but you spend your time on your business endeavors, your growing family, your talents, and your skills. Looking for the ideal home in the perfect neighborhood takes time – time you may not have.

At the Metropolitan Group, we always have time. Finding you a home in a neighborhood that matches your personality is what we do – where we spend our time. So, let us go to work for you – to find you a new home in no time.

Our Technology - Technology enriches the experience

At the Metropolitan Group, we grew up with technology. We embraced it as a way of life. Today, next to our desire to create the perfect home/buyer match, using technology has been our greatest advantage.

Some of our best neighborhood explorations have resulted from technological excavations. Tapping into online resources and web-based networking gives us leads on properties typically unavailable to the general public – properties that could fit you like a glove.

We also purchase subscriptions to auto-email feeds, and online search products. To save you time and effort, we use web-based contracts that accept electronic signatures and employ solutions that allow our clients to review, edit, accept, and sign right from the comfort of their own home. No time wasted, no paper wasted, no effort wasted.

Contact us anytime, anywhere. The Metropolitan Group is always ‘wired’ through the use of mobile technology making us available by email, text or phone no matter what.

Our Transactions - Let us move you

Our main goal at the Metropolitan Group is to help you find the ideal urban property in Denver – a home that reflects your lifestyle and your personality and will position you for a future of happiness. Once we help you find the perfect home, our experts can swiftly move through the purchasing process – especially with clients who have no current residence to sell.

For those clients who also need an agent to sell their current home, the Metropolitan Group has knowledgeable and seasoned listing agents available to provide advice and assistance on quickly and effectively selling property. Because of the large pool of buyers we work with, our sales success rate is impressive. We employ our strategies in technology, networking and research to uncover single family homes, economical foreclosures, short sales, sophisticated loft-style living, low maintenance condos, vacant land, investment properties, and commercial buildings.

We know that you won’t settle for anything but the best, which can often take some time. In these cases, while we help you open the door to your new home, we can also help you find the best short-term accommodations. We have an extensive network in all facets of real estate – including rentals and leases. You will never feel left out in the cold with the Metropolitan Group.

Our Town - It’s our calling

Denver is our town too. We live, play and work here. We have an intimate relationship with our city – always out looking for the best opportunities for our clients at the best price in the best-suited neighborhoods. Denver has been good to us. That’s why, at the Metropolitan Group we strive to give back to our valued community.

All too often we bear witness to or read about businesses that achieve success at the expense of their community – through neglect, greed, or exploitation. We believe that it’s our calling to share Denver with our clients. How can we do this if we do not respect her and her communities? That’s why we look for ways to honor and improve our Mile High City whenever we can.

To us, this means that we approach business opportunities in our community that will improve the neighborhoods in which we live, work and play. It means that we sponsor fundraisers, and encourage and participate in volunteer efforts. It means that we donate our resources and time to various causes that benefit our communities and our great city.

And, at the Metropolitan Group, it’s important that our clients feel the same way too. We work hard to find a good fit for a good buyer – one who tread lightly and will respect and value our great and unique community.

The Metropolitan Group

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